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Hotels in CagliariHotels in CagliariAt any time during the year you can enjoy one of the many local festival and events. In the province of Cagliari the most important of all is the Sagra di Sant’Efisio, where carts drawn by oxen parading through the streets fully covered with petals, folkloristic groups dressed with the best traditional costumes and the typical sound of the launeddas will make you live an unforgettable experience. Other events are linked to gastronomy, like the citrus fruit festival of Muravera or the cherry festival of Burcei. Bustling, cool, laid back and affordable. Boasting 8 km of white sandy waterfront and a restored medieval district, both attracting thousands of people during day and night with music lounges and restaurants. Modernity and tradition are silently woven together asserting pride of Sardinian legacy and eagerness for the future promise.

And the island religious legacy is entirely exhibited on May 1st of each year with the Sagra di Sant’Efisio, an enormous line of carts drawn by oxen with colourful flower and bell ornaments parading through the streets. Thousands of people of any age coming from all over the island dressed with their beautifully traditionally woven costumes, praying and singing centuries old songs at the sound of the typical launeddas. The streets are entirely covered by rose petals, the atmosphere is joyful and the devoting walking parade goes on for days until reaching a small church by the beach of Nora, about 35 km west.

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