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Hotels in MacomerHotels in MacomerTradition and nature are the mainly features of this area, secluded and distant from the bustling atmosphere of the northern beaches and yet close to the true spirit of traditions, welcoming and hospitable. It is the perfect places for trekking, free climbing, horse riding or cycling. The best time of the year to fully enjoy the nature and the environment is between April and June and then again from September until November as it might be too hot in summer and too cold during the winter to fully appreciate walking itineraries. But if you happen to be in this area during the months of January and February, the Carnival celebrations are not to be missed although it is unlikely they will meet your expectations. In fact, Carnival fully recalls the agro-pastoral heritage with scaring parades featuring ancestral relationship between man and nature and the uninterrupted cycle of life and death.

Grotesque and horrid masks of still unknown origin but clearly representing oxen, sheep and goats, like Mamuthones and Issocadores in the town of Mamoiada, Merdules and Boes in Ottana, Thurpos in Orotelli, parade in a tiresome allegoric dance succumbing to men's power and strength.

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