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Badesi is a small municipality in the Olbia-Tempio province, on the north east of the island, also known for its extensive white sandy beaches offer.Hotels in BadesiHotels in Badesi The whole area is dominated by granite rocks, Mediterranean bush and pristine sea waters. It is also home of Costa Smeralda, a fashionable holiday spot with luxurious accommodations, entertainments and marinas harbouring impressive motor yachts. Names of some wonderful beaches and spots circulate internationally among jet set and VIPs like Cala di Volpe, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Capriccioli and Baia del Principe, gathering there during summer time to enliven their nights with parties. Although Costa Smeralda is the main location, the whole area strikes you with unrivalled beauty. Rugged-edged sandy coast and crystal clear waters, hidden bays surrounded by steep cliffs and dark green vegetation.

Further north the National Park of La Maddalena with its islands and islets, rare flora and fauna, is accessible only by boat from Palau. Here the famous Capo d'Orso or the Bear's Rock is an imposing 120 metres high granite rock that truly resembles a big bear watching out the sea.Hotels in BadesiHotels in Badesi Most exquisite little coves hide equally attractive beaches around the famous rock. Among these are Cala Capra, Cala Casotto and Acapulco beach. Beyond the remains of a military outpost near Porto Rafael, you can reach the Costa Serena and the beautiful Cala Scilla, the latter known as Porto Rafael's swimming pool. Some kilometres ahead towards Santa Teresa, there's a further detour that takes you to the village of Porto Pollo, internationally acclaimed as a windsurfing spot and located in the Isuledda or Isola dei Gabbiani, an extremely thin isthmus with two beaches on both sides enlisted among the most beautiful of the whole island.

Evidences of prehistoric settlements are scattered all over the area and when tired or simply wishing to cool off a little bit, a short drive to archaeological spots are recommended, if you are not afraid of ancient tombs and necropolis of course. A number of constructions are found along the Arzachena-Luogosanto road, with the tomb of the giants of Li Lolghi and the necropolis of Li Muri, made up by circles of vertically set stones. Also consider the Nuragic temple of Malchittu or the Nuraghe Albucciu along the Olbia-Arzachena road.

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