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Santu Lussurgiu is a small village between Bosa and Oristano, a few kilometers inland in the mounts of Montiferro.Hotels in Santu LussurgiuHotels in Santu Lussurgiu It is renowned for its Filu e Ferru (local eau de vie) and for its traditional hand made knives known as Lussurzesa. The making of knives is part of the Sardinian handicraft heritage and it surely comes from the shepherds tradition. The nearest towns are Bosa and Macomer. Bosa in particular has become a centre of gravity for many villages of the area, thanks to its own local handicraft, cuisine and characteristic medieval city centre. Built up on the outfall of river Timo, the only navigable Sardinian river, in Bosa you can take a pleasant walk along the river marina and take a photo of the famous multicoloured houses that lighten up the landscape.Hotels in Santu LussurgiuHotels in Santu Lussurgiu If you are keen about landscape photography don't miss to visit the castle of Malaspina which, placed on the top of a hill, overtops the village and its seaport.

In summer, you can enjoy sunbathing in the beach of Bosa Marina has been rewarded by Lega Ambiente, the most important Italian environmentalist association, thanks to its clear and clean waters. However, to see one of the most spectacular natural beauties of the west coast you should move south along the route SS 292 as far as to reach S'Archittu (the small arch). This is a bone-white rock promontory shaped by the sea and wind erosion into a seven meter high and ten meters deep arched bridge. S'Archittu is the biggest rocky arch in Sardinia and it has been declared a natural monument by UNESCO too. If you don't like rocky coast just drive 2 km southward and the 5 km sandy beach of Is Arenas begins. Originally this area was called the desert of Is Arenas due to its enormous dunes, but in the mid-twentieth century a 700 ha of pinewood was planted to stop desertification.

Now Is Arenas is a beautiful tourist location with campsites, hotels and one of the biggest golf course in Sardinia. Whoever wants to leave the coast and explore the inland areas will find everal excursions available, starting from the beautiful forest and waterfall of Sos Molinos or the Lake Omodeo.

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