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This is the southern part of Sardinia.Hotels in PulaHotels in Pula Along the 60 km from Pula to Cape Teulada there are about 15 main beaches. The number can at least double considering the smaller ones and not counting the easy accessible rocky spots. Plenty to choose from, then. This portion of the Sardinian coast should be further divided in to two parts. From Pula to Chia is the kingdom of the long and white sandy beaches.Hotels in PulaHotels in Pula Mountains are in the distance and the state road SS 195, although quite busy, is straight. The beach of Nora is the first you will encounter. It is located in a unique position, since there are important cultural attractions truly at hands reach. The archaeological site, for instance, is a few metres away from the beach, the tower of Coltellazzo is just a bit further up towards the promontory and the church of Sant'Efisio is right on the beach's sand.

The following portion of the coast is characterized by the long beach of Santa Margherita di Pula. This is home of many hotels and resorts, all hidden in the pinewood just behind the beach. Right when the long straight road ends up, you are approaching Chia. The SS 195 turns inland towards the town of Domus De Maria, while you will take the smaller road on your left to keep going along the coast. A couple of km afterwards you are in Chia. There are three main beaches (sa Colonia, Campana and su Giudeo) characterized by large dunes. Spiaggia del Morto, Cala Cipolla and su Cardulino are instead quite small and set among the rocks. From Cala Cipolla onward the road becomes more interesting, leaving the long straights and winding up and down the coastline, offering truly amazing views of the sea.

This is the second part of the coast. From Chia to Cape Teulada the coastline is rugged and mountains are very close to the sea. There are many old towers placed in the best spotting points, perfectly integrated into a landscape where the blue of the sea and the green of the Mediterranean vegetation are dominant. The beaches are smaller and coves are numerous. At the same time buildings and properties become rarer. Unfortunately the last few kilometres of the coast near Cape Teulada are included in a military zone and access to some beaches, like Cala Zafferano, is restricted. Luckily the beach of Tuerredda, a truly natural jewel, is located well before the military zone.

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