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About 60% of the territory of South Sardinia is within the province of Cagliari.Hotels in OrroliHotels in Orroli It is also the largest and most populated province in the island, its two main cities Cagliari and Quartu Sant'Elena ranking 1st and 3rd in population. The territory is hilly or mountainous with the exception of the Campidano, the plain situated north west of Cagliari, in direction of Oristano. Orroli, instead, is located in the inner part of the province of Cagliari. Not too far from it, the mountains of Sette Fratelli and Gennargentu will make you enjoy some breathtaking and scenic views. Among this huge environmental wealth, incomparable unspoilt woodlands and widespread endemic flora and a fauna, activities range from trekking to horse riding, cycling and 4WD excursions, with canyons and waterfalls in abundance.

This area offers you thousands of hectares of wild Sardinia.Hotels in OrroliHotels in Orroli Armungia is located in the central part of this area and is an excellent starting point for a walking itinerary to the pre-nuragic settlement of Nuraghe Arrubiu in Orroli or the beautiful lakes of Mulargia and Flumendosa. Sport activities will allow you to discover the rich natural environment of this area. It is possible to practise trekking, free-climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, horse riding, canoeing and more. Travellers will be able to find lots of sporting guides and professional instructors who can offer logistic assistance both to beginners and well trained people. Just avoid hot days and bring plenty of water along with you! Another great way to discover the area is on board of the Trenino Verde (Small Green Train), a WWF initiative running through and connecting many Sardinian areas, wriggling between bridges, old railway stations and 'cantoniera' houses.

The Trenino Verde runs between June and September and it crosses the heart of this area from Mandas to Ogliastra. The train moves through tunnels, bridges and remote tiny villages to show you the wilderness and beauty of these evocative landscapes. The beauty of the countryside is surely matched by that of the coastline. The state roads SS387 and SS125 heading north from Cagliari are simply superb and after a few kilometres you get to beautiful touristic resort like Muravera. From Capo Ferrato look north towards Bari Sardo and you could enjoy one of the best views of your holiday, with beaches departing left and right of your viewpoint and stretching for kilometres.

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