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The area nearby and north of Bari Sardo has a lot to be proud of! Bone-white beaches, pristine sea water, enchanting views and untouched nature; words can't really express the beauty of this rocky coast where high cliffs hide wonderful beaches and coves.Hotels in Bari SardoHotels in Bari Sardo In particular, there are a few to choose from. We recommend the most evoking creek of Cala Luna, set amongst a woodlands of oleanders, boasting six huge grottos opening up into the white beach. Within a short distance is Cala Goloritzè, emerald green sea and a rocky arch with a 140 metres high pinnacle, Cala Sisine and the two inlets of Cala Biriola and Cala Mariolu. Almost undiscovered and distant, those beaches are accessible only by boat. During summer time there is a daily service from Cala Gonone.Hotels in Bari SardoHotels in Bari Sardo A tough alternative to reach them is through quite difficult walking itineraries down to steep slopes.

However, some trekking equipment, two or three hours walking and a substantial supply of water will take you down to some of the most unspoilt Sardinian landscape. Further south, nearby Tortolì and Tertenia, the landscape unexpectedly changes into a flat and sandy coast similar to Is Arenas o Sinis on the opposite site of the Island. From Sa Pedra Longa, a 128 metres high pinnacle, down to the touristic resort of Cardedu a long strip of white sandy beaches will open in front of you. Cala Ginepro, Iscrixedda, Lido of Orrì, Coccorocci, Su Sirboni and Bari Sardo extends for some kilometres and are extremely popular among beach lovers and never overcrowded. Interrupting these long beaches is Cala Moresca, a rocky inlet with characteristic red stones right behind the port of Arbatax. It is characterized by a small beach surrounded by red vertical cliffs.

The town of Santa Maria Navarrese hosts a fully serviced marina for sailing and motor yachts, while Tortolì together with nearby Arbatax is directly linked to Italy mainland through ferry service or through a small seasonal airport. Unique, when not scary, its runway starts from the sand of the beach just 60 metres away from the sea!

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