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Sant'antioco and San Pietro, where Carloforte is, are two satellite islands located in the south west corner of Sardinia.Hotels in CarloforteHotels in Carloforte The island of Sant'Antioco is the largest in Sardinia, while San Pietro is third in size after Asinara. Although it is an island, you do not need a boat to get to Sant'Antioco, since a very short bridge links it to mainland Sardinia. It is approximately one and a half hour drive away from Cagliari, following the road that passes through Iglesias. To get to San Pietro you have two options, both by boat: from Calasetta (in the island of Sant'antioco) and from Portoscuso (in the mainland). The landscape is similar, mostly hilly, with highest mountains peaking at 200-270 metres above sea level and with small plains partly cultivated.Hotels in CarloforteHotels in Carloforte The coasts are generally rocky and high above the sea but you can anyway find many beaches, although their size cannot be compared to the ones you find in Villasimius, Costa Rei or Pula.

In Sant'Antioco we recommend: Spiaggia Grande, Sotto Torre and Saline in the north, Coa Cuaddus, Capo Sperone and Maladroxia in the south east. Mind you, one of the most suggestive beaches is neither in the north nor in the south. In fact Cala Lunga is located right in the middle of the west coast. San Pietro instead boasts a great number of coves (cale) sometimes creeping into the land like fiords. The main sandy beaches are three: Spiaggia di Guidi, La Bobba and La Caletta, all located in the south. Roads can take you everywhere in the islands, though it may happen to find yourself on a dirty track in order to reach some coves or beaches. They are well maintained so that you do not necessarily need a 4WD vehicle. Actually, it is suggested to drive off the main roads to discover the territory.

An alternative to driving could be cycling. To give you a rough idea, the coast of the island of San Pietro develops approximately 30 km, while that of Sant'Antioco (which is over twice as big) is 55 km. The islands are both hilly but there are no major climbs. Near the main locations there is always a bar or a restaurant. This is true in summer, while off season you better take some more water along with you. Bear in mind that in case you run out of it and want to ask some to the locals, they will be more than pleased to offer you plenty of and it could be an occasion for you to get to learn something interesting that only a local could tell you.

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