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Porto Pino is a lively and popular holiday resort in the south west corner of the island mostly renowned for its enchanting sand dunes stretching along the coast, that here finally becomes gentle and smooth.Hotels in Porto PinoHotels in Porto Pino Regrettably many kilometres of the coast near Porto Pino and towards Capo Teulada are included in a military zone and access to some beach, like Cala Zafferano, is restricted. Luckily the beach of Tuerredda, a truly natural jewel, is located well before the military zone. This portion of the Sardinian coast should be further split. Eastward, from Chia to Capo Teulada the coastline is rugged and mountains are very close to the sea. There are many old towers placed in the best spotting points, perfectly integrated into a landscape where the blue of the sea and the green of the Mediterranean vegetation are dominant.

Beaches are smaller and coves are numerous. At the same time buildings and properties are rare. Instead, the westward side is characterized by flat coast and by two islands: San Pietro and Sant'Antioco, the latter being the largest satellite island in Sardinia.Hotels in Porto PinoHotels in Porto Pino You can get to Sant'Antioco through a short bridge connecting it to the mainland and from there you can take the ferry to the island of San Pietro. We recommend to visit Cala Lunga in Sant'Antioco, one of the most suggestive beaches, located right in the middle of the west coast. San Pietro instead boasts a great number of coves (cale) sometimes creeping into the land like fiords. The main sandy beaches are three: Spiaggia di Guidi, La Bobba and La Caletta, all located in the south.

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