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Hotels in CannigioneHotels in CannigioneCannigione is holiday resort located just next to the Costa Smeralda, a fashionable and exclusive holiday area immersed in a Mediterranean bush and offering panoramic views over some of the most enchanting beaches and coves. It stretches for about 55 kilometres. Luxury hotels and estates melt, almost unseen, with the surrounding thick bush while their perimeters are forced into the coastline frame not to alter the original shape. Cannigione, as Porto Cervo or Poltu Quatu, is one of the main sea spots where motor and sailing yachts are usually harboured and where television starlets love to be pictured by paparazzi. In spite of its glamour, the atmosphere is of understated elegance. Everybody is at ease and friendly, wishing only to enjoy the beauties this area promises. Not only next to the Costa Smeralda, Cannigione is within a short distance from the Archipelago of La Maddalena that spreads out in front of the Palau coast and consists of 60 islands and islets.

It is the firstly established national park in Sardinia and was declared as such in 1996. The granitic islands boast remarkable naturalistic, geological and marine conditions and luckily human settlements have not compromised its environmental importance over the centuries. Also remarkable are the little islets of Mortorio and Soffi, two pink granite rocks rising above what looks like a huge natural swimming pool.

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