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Hotels in La MaddalenaHotels in La MaddalenaThe Arcipelago de La Maddalena spreads out in front of the Palau coast and consists of 60 islands and islets. It is the firstly established national park in Sardinia and was declared as such in 1996 by presidential decree. The granitic islands boast remarkable naturalistic, geological and marine conditions and luckily the human settlements have not compromised its environmental importance over the centuries. The main islands of the archipelago are La Maddalena, the only permanently inhabited island, Caprera, reachable from La Maddalena through a bridge, Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria in the north and Spargi in the west. Endemic flora and fauna species live here undisturbed such as myrtle, rosemary and lavender bushes, large quantity of junipers and thick formation of holm-oaks, heathers, strawberry-trees and different species of spontaneous orchids, such as the rare Coeloglossum diphylum.

Shearwaters, forelocked carpenters and cormorants, as well as eagles and doves among the others, are safely settled here. Some restrictions like shore distance limits, fishing and mooring may apply to motor and sailing boats. The island of La Maddalena affords a great view of the small harbour and the fort Guardia Vecchia on the top of the hill, overlooking the wonderful sea-strait and the solitary hills around the residential area. La Maddalena is worth a few days stay combining walking itineraries and bird watching as well as sea and beach experience moving from one island to the other and from one beach to the other. It is a true sea and nature experience, away from the bustling Costa Smeralda and its glittering nightlife. You can embark for La Maddalena from Palau and the trip takes about 20 minutes.

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