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Nureci is a small town located on the border of the Giara di Gesturi plateau and within a short distance from Barumini where to find the best example of nuraghe (pre-historic truncated conic tower) in the complex of Su Nuraxi.Hotels in NureciHotels in Nureci The site is enlisted in the Unesco World Heritage and is dated around 1500 BC. Approximately 4 km from Barumini the town of Gesturi is well known to be the starting point for a fabulous excursion to the Giara di Gesturi. This is a plateau 12 km long and 3 to 6 km wide that steeply arises from the plain beneath. The top of the Giara is perfectly flat and alternates woods of cork oaks to ponds and meadow grass areas. Typical of the Giara are the Cavallini, an ancient Sardinian breed of horses.Hotels in NureciHotels in Nureci The Cavallini are smaller in size than a normal horse, nevertheless they do not lose any of the typical elegance.

Their eyes are peculiar, in the shape of an almond. In the Giara you also find the country chapel of Santa Lucia, many nuraghes, domus de janas and pinnetas. The latter are the typical shepherd's huts, the base of which looks like a nuraghe completed at the top by branches laid down to form a cone.

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