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Hotels in OlienaHotels in OlienaSupramonte, in the 'wild hearth' of the island, is a plateau that stretches from the Barbagia through the Olai and the Cedrino rivers, dominating the towns of Oliena and Orgosolo. Between Supramonte and the east coast, the route SS125 can take you either north towards the Costa Smeralda or south towards Arbatax and Villasimius, all along the coast. It is an area of forests, caves, canyon and mountains, with an average height of 900 metres above sea level and peaking at Monte Corrasi (1463 metres) known as the hardest challenge in Sardinian climbing. The highly intense karst activity has created some incredible natural monuments like the fascinating caves of Ispinigoli and Bue Marino, both in the Dorgali area, or Sas Baddes, a century-old holm oaks forest, or the flatten hill of Su Suercone, with its 500 m diameters hole, or the gorge of Su Gorroppu near Urzulei.

Known as 'The Grand Canyon' and set between very steep walls, Su Gorroppu has gained an undisputable reputation as Europe's deepest canyon, the ideal place for trekking enthusiasts that numerously gather here all year round. Only heavy rains may endanger access to the site due to the gushing water of the river. From spring to autumn the canyon is definitely more accessible with the river downsized to a small pool at the entrance path and a pond at the exit path. Next to Barbagia, the small town of Oliena, famous for its ancient traditions and natural beauty is located at the feet of Monte Corrasi, an excellent starting point for a walking itinerary to the pre-nuragic settlement of Tiscali or to the sources of Su Gologone, a spring of pure water jumping from and disappearing into the surrounding mountain walls.

Just a few kilometres away two famous caves of Sa Oghe (the voice) and Su Bentu (the wind) are suitable for excursions although the company of an expert guide is advisable as the caves happen to be flooded every now and then. Among this huge environmental wealth, incomparable unspoilt woodlands and widespread endemic flora and a fauna, Orgosolo stands as the main town. It is renowned for its 'murales', whose messages and contents spring from its difficult socio-political environment. Part of the landscape are also the small lanes lined up with modest houses and bars where old generations of men, faces burnt by the sun, lazily sit outside wearing velvet dark suit and watching pleasantly any approaching foreigner.

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